Cambridge Mayor Leads Town Towards a Bright Future
Town of Cambridge 11 Jun 2024
Cambridge Mayor Leads Town Towards a Bright Future

Published on 11 June 2024

Western Australia’s inner western suburbs are home to the Town of Cambridge, a naturally beautiful Town that connects its vibrant community and thriving local economy from the inner city to the beach.

At its helm is Mayor Gary Mack, elected in October 2023 to a four-year term. With a background in family law and mediation, Mayor Mack brings a wealth of experience and a visionary spirit to his role, igniting a new era of progress and stability for Cambridge.

Mayor Mack's journey to leadership is as diverse as the community he serves as he has honed his skills advocating for those in need. His transition from the courtroom to council chambers was a natural evolution, propelled by a desire to effect meaningful change on a broader scale.

During his seven-year tenure as a lawyer for the City of Fremantle, he spearheaded initiatives to educate and empower residents, ensuring that voices were heard, and rights protected.

“My vision for Cambridge is rooted in valuing inclusivity and advocacy, which I believe fosters a culture of collaboration and unity within the Town,” he said.

Recognising the importance of nurturing future leaders, Mayor Mack actively mentors and supports youth initiatives. Whether sponsoring awards at local schools or championing youth-led community projects, he remains a steadfast advocate for youth engagement and development, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

From revitalising public spaces to spearheading infrastructure or major planning projects, Mayor Mack's strategic vision and tireless advocacy have positioned Cambridge for sustained growth and prosperity.

“I have, and always will, continue to promote economic growth to enhancing our community’s public services and infrastructure.

“I am adamant the future is defined by inclusivity, sustainability, and community-centricity developments,” Mayor Mack concluded.

Originally published in the June 2024 edition of LG Focus, Australia's national local government newspaper.