Residents invited to help create 'homes and highways' for native wildlife in Habitat Links program
City of Armadale 20 Sep 2019

The City of Armadale is calling for landowners to help create habitat and ecological linkages to ensure conservation of local native wildlife and ecosystems by participating in its expanded and renamed program ‘Habitat Links’.

Habitat Links, expands upon the City’s Streamcare program, and will provide landowners with plants and technical advice to help protect natural areas such as bushland, wetlands and watercourses or help revegetate potential linkages that wildlife may use to travel across properties.

Participants will join a network of other landowners and receive personalised advice and mentoring, particular to their soil and landscape type and free native seedlings will be provided to help create homes and ecological links for native wildlife.

Mayor Henry Zelones, OAM JP, said residents can play a much bigger role than they may think towards protecting biodiversity and enhancing conservation through programs like these.

“Residents who have natural areas of bush, watercourses or wetlands on their land can play a critical role in helping to conserve these areas and making our City ‘wildlife friendly’, helping to preserve local species like quendas, cockatoos and frogs.”

“Habitat Links really helps us to achieve a collective impact on conservation, implementing good land management for biodiversity, ensuring future generations continue to enjoy our unique wildlife,” Mayor Zelones said.

Landowners can register their interest to participate in this program by contacting the City by emailing [email protected] or calling 9394 5000.