Media Responses (19 - 23 July 2021) 

CONTENT: RV Strategy, Street lights Rainbow Beach, Ask the Mayor, Airport landing fees and Sewerage

Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast News: 19 July – RV Strategy and Cotton Tree.


When will the 2019 Draft Regional RV strategy be approved and put into practice? Cotton Tree - is there a date on pruning, and will it be at a level that is going to be more long lasting?

ANSWER: Regarding the RV Strategy, we will be going back to Council for review by October.  Cotton Tree - Works will commence on Monday 2 August. 


Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast News: 22 July – Street Lights Rainbow Beach

QUESTION:  Could you please update us on lighting in Rainbow Beach? Double Island Drive also has lights that aren't working, as well as mainstreet.

ANSWER:  Council encourages the community to report streetlights that are not working, especially if they present a safety concern to the community.  The majority of streetlights in Rainbow Beach is controlled by Energex.  Streetlight outages can be reported to The recently constructed streetlights on Rainbow Beach Road between Clarkson Dve & Kirchner Ave, including the pedestrian crossing on Kirchner Ave, the crossing point on Wide Bay Esplanade & the Car park adjacent to the Surf Lifesaving Club have been experiencing some faults since installation. Council is currently working with the contractor to address the faults. Council is investigating the resident’s reported issues and will pass on to the appropriate external authority.


Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast News: 22 July – Ask the Mayor

QUESTION:  Do you have the submission dates for August?

ANSWER:  Council are running ‘Ask the Mayor Bimonthly, so we won’t have anything in August for you. September will be the next one, so we’ll make sure you have this info for the second round.


Gympie Today: 22 July – Airport Landing Fees

QUESTION:  Why was the decision made to introduce these fees? Where does the money from the fees actually go? What is the council's response to the backlash about it being unnecessary and "money hungry"? 

ANSWER:  The user pay system is for commercial business, as it is not fair and equitable for rate payers to fund a facility for commercial gain for private businesses.  The introduction of airport fees is consistent with a fee for service model adopted by Councils across Australia and further information regarding those aerodromes and landing fee costs are available at  The revenue will be used for repairs and maintenance at the Aerodrome facility.  A fee for service model reduces the burden on rate payers to subsidise costs associated with operating an aerodrome facility.


Gympie Times: 22 July – Sewerage

QUESTION:  On page 72 of 121 of the Ordinary Meeting Agenda, please provide the date and locations of the 11 Sewerage overflows as listed. 

ANSWER:  Not 11 – 5 events.

July 2020 – overflow from manhole upstream to the major sewage pump station SPS G3 (adjacent to Centro Shopping Centre, Gympie). This was due to a blockage in the sewer pipe leading into the pump station. This blockage was cleared to resolve the issue. 19 October 2020 – overflow in Clematis Street, Gympie. This was a pipe blockage which cleared. 18 March 2021 – a blockage in the inlet screens at the Gympie STP caused a short overflow before the screen was cleared allowing the plant to operate as normal. 20 March 2021 – we have considered this as one incident. Intense localised rain in a short period caused overflows at three locations - Butler Street, Tucker Street, and Tozer Park Road in Gympie. This is due to an increase of stormwater into the sewer system, which overloaded the system. 22 March 2021 – an overflow at the screened overflow point upstream from SPS G3 (as above). This was believed to be related to the Saturday rain event (20 March) followed by the flow peak on the following Monday morning. There was also a partial blockage in the sewer leading into the pump station. The replacement for pump station G3 is being designed this year.