Christmas wouldn’t be a celebration without lots of beautiful food to share with friends and family.

But it’s important to remember to maintain good food safety standards and avoid food poisoning.

When the temperature rises, bacteria that is usually present in foods can multiply and reach unsafe levels. This is especially common over the festive season.

So how can you protect yourself (and your guests!) from food poisoning this Christmas? Check out our tips below.

Control the temperature of your food

Use cooler bags to safely transport perishable items home and separate raw foods from cooked or ready-to eat foodsThaw frozen food completely in the fridge before cookingThrow food away if you suspect it has been left out of the refrigerator for 4 hours or more

Play it safe with seafood

Store seafood in an airtight container in your fridgeIf you’re making sushi, make sure you use sushi grade fish

Keep everything clean

Give your BBQ a good scrub with soapy waterWash your hands frequentlyWipe down counters and surfaces thoroughly with a food-grade sanitizerTake extra care when handling high risk foods like cheese, meats and sea food

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