King tides usually take place between December and April. This can result in low lying areas of Townsville being flooded. The combination of king tides and rain can cause high numbers of saltmarsh mosquitos to hatch.

Saltmarsh mosquitos are aggressive biters, and their activity usually peaks around dawn and dusk. Adult mosquitos also rest amongst dense vegetation and in dark shaded areas during the day to avoid the heat.

Council has a program for controlling mosquito breeding on public land, but private residences must take measures to ensure that mosquito breeding does not take place in their backyards. Control the mosquitos and you will control the disease.

Covering up outside, wearing long loose-fitting clothing, lighting mozzie coils and using repellent are ways to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.

Checking your backyards for any items that hold water and emptying them prevents the spread of mosquito borne diseases.

For more information visit Council's Mosquitoes page