Community Recognition Awards Nominations Open - 2024
Burnie City Council 28 Mar 2024

The following guidelines and criteria are used when considering the Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Community Event of the Year award nominations.  All nominations received will be assessed against the following:

Guidelines for each award

Awards aim to recognise citizens who have made a significant contribution to the City of Burnie and the broader municipal area, through volunteer work or paid employment (in which case the contribution is significantly beyond what is normally expected without recompense or reward).

The following criteria is used when considering and assessing the award nominations:

The nominee must reside in the Burnie municipality and be an Australian citizen. The nominee can only receive one award during their lifetime.

Citizen and Volunteer Award - all ages

Young Citizen Award - under 30 years of age

Senior Citizen Award - over 65 years of age


Selection criteria for individual awards:

The impact of the person’s contribution to a particular field, locality, group, community or humanity at large; The period of time that the person has made a major commitment; Whether the person’s contribution has been recognised elsewhere (e.g. in the media, by other awards, interest groups or local councils); The level of excellence that the person has demonstrated in their chosen field.

Selection criteria Community Event of the Year Award

The event must have been held in the Burnie and municipal area; How did the event benefit the Burnie community, i.e. how the event "gave back”; How many hours were spent coordinating the event; How many community volunteers assisted with organising and/or running the event; What was the number of attendees at the event; Where were the proceeds (if any) allocated; What was the cost to enter the event.