The Charters Towers Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) was officially inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony that brought together community members and local emergency services personnel.

The LDCC, a place to build resilience and preparedness, as well as respond to natural disasters, was unveiled amidst a backdrop of enthusiasm and community spirit.

Mayor Frank Beveridge highlighted that the facility's importance was underscored by the enthusiastic involvement of both residents and local emergency services.

“The Local Disaster Coordination Centre stands as the heartbeat of our community's preparedness, and it plays a crucial role in disaster response and coordination”, said Mayor Beveridge.

The Local Disaster Coordination Centre acts as a focal point for information exchange between local authorities, emergency responders, and the public.

The facility's role extends beyond the immediate response phase, encompassing pre-disaster planning and training.

Mayor Beveridge noted that through these initiatives, the LDCC actively contributes to building a culture of preparedness and resilience among residents.

“The centre's crucial role extends beyond the physical infrastructure; it embodies a commitment to safeguarding our community by fostering a collaborative and proactive approach to disaster management”, continued Mayor Beveridge.

By centralising efforts and expertise, the LDCC enhances the efficiency of emergency services, allowing for more rapid decision-making and resource deployment.

The project was funded through the National Emergency Agency’s North Queensland Recovery and Resilience Grant, with additional funding supported through the Works for Queensland Fund.

Photo: CTRC_LDCC Opening