Reimagining Moreton Bay

Published 22 April 2022

Creating a city vision is about reimagining what Moreton Bay can become to ensure it reflects how we want to mature as a major part of South East Queensland (SEQ). The future of our communities needs to be in our hands, not at the mercy of others’ decisions.

The best way to ensure we create our own destiny is through outlining a vision. This should be a plausible expectation of how we might evolve and what Moreton Bay might look like in the future. It will help light the path forward and inform Council’s actions over the coming decades.

This is a chance to plan better, and consciously, for infrastructure to service the needs we identify now, that will create a future we want. From the many conversations we’ve had with residents, and the feedback in Moreton Says, it is clear locals want better connectivity, greater affordability and an emphasis on taking care of our environment as well as making sustainable choices.

The ideas explored are intended to start a conversation about the possibility of becoming a city. It aims to spark contemplation of a future that harnesses our assets as a region that is home to many unique centres and distinct communities.

There is an opportunity in front of us to set a clear direction for the future of Moreton Bay. We invite you to consider what becoming a city could mean for you and your families. We can’t stop the growth happening but we can take charge and actively shape our future together.

Our challenge and opportunity

Balancing our region's amazing spaces and natural spaces with the needs of one of Australia's fastest growing population is the challenge and opportunity Council is facing.

A new kind of city

Moreton Bay has several urban centres which provides many advantages to our becoming a new kind of city.

Five big ideas for our future

Find out what big ideas Council has for the future of Moreton Bay as a new kind of city.

What becoming a city means

Learn more about what it means to become a city including why it matters, if we'll have a CBD and if there is a downside.

Key questions about becoming a city

Get answers to some key questions including why we are considering becoming a city and when it would happen.

Have your say now

Complete the survey to share your views on the possibility of the region becoming a city.