Widespread rainfall forecasted for north and centr...
Boulia Shire Council 27 Jan 2022

Widespread thunderstorms across the state have filled rain gauges and broken year long droughts for some graziers in parts of north and central west Queensland early this week.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said a monsoon trough was extending across the northern Cape York Peninsula, and is currently drifting south.

A weak ridge extending over the south east is expected to strengthen, due to a high pressure system moving into the Tasman Sea next week.

⛈️Possible heavy falls about the northeast coast from Wednesday to Friday. No Flood Watch required there but local flash flooding is possible. Ongoing risk of severe thunderstorms and minor to moderate flooding in western and central #QLD. Warning details: https://t.co/FBmpsInT9opic.twitter.com/18ohWRuyQk— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) January 25, 2022

The north west region, including areas around Hughenden and Richmond have recorded rainfall totals up to 100 millimetres on Tuesday night.

The heaviest falls recorded this week have been 265 mm at Mt Sophia, 264 mm at Cape Flattery and 205 mm at the Cooktown Airport.

BoM is forecasting a trough will linger over western Queensland for several days.

Queensland Rainfall and River Conditions. Map: BoM

North west graziers welcome rain

The Carrington family manage a cattle property called Molesworth Station at Maxwelton, 60 kilometres north west of Richmond.

Samara and Jake Carrington and their three children have lived and worked on the cattle station for over 12 months.

Before the rain, the Carringtons had to destock their cattle due to the lack of feed.

Ms Carrington said majority of the property was very dry, before recently receiving 115mm since Monday.

Molesworth Station near Richmond.

"Between November and early January we had roughly 125mm, so with this extra 115mm things are starting to look a lot better," she said.

"We're still hoping for some more rain though! Last season wasn't overly great and rain was very patchy over the property last season.

"We had to sell cattle off and couldn't restock due to lack of feed. The beginning of December we had 64mm, that was our last big down pour. We genuinely receive rain from January through to March."

Donna Paynter of Wando Station at Winton said her property has received 58mm since Monday, causing some difficulty to feed their goats.

Central West receives good rainfall

Donna Paynter, co-administrator of the Facebook page Who Got the Rain, reported receiving 58mm at Wando Station, Winton, since Monday.

Mayor of the Boulia Shire, Rick Britton, Goodwood has reported that after receiving another 22mms it gives him a total of 119m over four days.

"We are just 2mm off the total of 121mm that we received all of last year," Mr Britton said.

Glen McCamley, South Galwey, Windorah received another 27mm on Tuesday evening giving a total of 91mm for the week

Kirsty Hoch, The Springs, Aramac has recorded 70mm.

There have been reports of 95mm in the town of Hughenden and up to 120mm in the surrounding district, while Saxby Downs, Richmond has received 137mm.

Moonsoon trough to linger over north west

Rainfall: Total Forecast Rainfall from 26 January - 2 February, 2022. Map: BoM

BoM is forecasting a monsoon trough will linger over the north west Queensland and Cape York Peninsula this weekend, with possible severe thunderstorms expected on Saturday.

A local area of converging winds may also lie over the north east coast between Cooktown and Townsville, enhancing rainfall in the area.

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