Tiffany brings inland rain...
Boulia Shire Council 22 Jan 2022

By weather forecaster Mike Griffin

The relatively low pressure over the continent allowed the remains of ‘Tiffany’ to cause heavy rain over the inland of Australia.

A trough developed over western Queensland causing a heat wave with :Longreach recording the first 18 days of 2022 over 40C. Followed by 55mm in 24hrs to 9am Wednesday.

The Monsoon in the north seems to be operating.

Other seven-day totals (mm) of note across Queensland – Springbrook 149, Cape Flattery 126, Tomoo 106, Namarah 98, Southwell 90, Gold Coast 89. Cloncurry 88,Kowanyama 75, Nambour 65, Longreach 64, Mitchell 60, Redland 59, Toowoomba 59, Boulia 55, Pratten 50, Charleville 42. The Hunga Volcano ( near Tonga) erupted last Saturday and sent ash about 40,0000ft into the atmosphere. Reaching Australia as an orange glow early in the week. Plus a “pressure wave” that reached Yeppoon around 5 pm – with Kerry Matthew’s instruments recording the spike. This perturbation may have held up the trough out west.

As models last week suggested would reach Capricornia. The wave spike was registered in the UK and the US. With pressure graphs showing the anomaly. To add to this was Tropical Cyclone ” Cody” that developed strong winds and flash floods in Fiji. Plus large 3-4m swell waves that hit the southern coast of Queensland. Just after “Seth” caused 6 m waves two weeks ago. The SETW hit Wednesday with the Capricorn Coast waking to squally showers and strong winds on Thursday morning. Gusts at Rundle reach 36 knots or 67kph with seas peaking to three metres. Got a report from Craig at Pacific Heights of 20 mm. Best rain for the year! Other falls(mm) Sam Hill 21, Byfield 18, Eden 11, Hedlow 10, Gladstone 7,. On the Highlands and inland – Rewan 17, Pindari 15, Ruined Castle 14, Baukemia Downs 12, Jambin 12, Karamea 11, The Lake 10, Comet Weir 6, Emerald Radar and Craigmore 5. .


The large 1033Hpa High is causing strong South East Trade Winds ( SETW) for most of the east coast.

A trough over SA should develop thundery activity into the Alice. The Monsoon Trough in the north – indicated by the dashed line – should develop storm activity in coming days. The circulatory nature of the cloud off the Kimberley may develop in coming days.

Plus a low looks likely near New Caledonia ( NC) later in the week. Meanwhile the SETW continues with fresh breezes and squally showers for the coast till the end of the weekend. Just the odd brief shower to reach inland keeping conditions rather comfortable with an Apparent Temperature ( AT) of around 30C . As the ridge weakens the winds should ease by Monday/Tuesday. This will enable the temperatures in western Capricornian border to reach 34/35C by mid week. While the seabreezes keep the eastern AT around 32/33C. A fairly comfortable, very warm Australia Day. Now its watch the NC low develop. Will it be called “Dovi” and influence the Queensland coast?