Media Responses (23 August - 27 August 2021)

CONTENT: Water issues at Rainbow Beach, Jensens Family Memorial Seat, Gympie Regional Council Tourism, Illegal Dumping

Gympie Times: 24 August – Water Issues at Rainbow Beach

QUESTION: Getting multiple reports from Rainbow Beach residents saying they're having issues with water and water pressure.  Have there been any burst pipes in Rainbow Beach today? Has council got reports of water issues there? If so, is it being investigated and have any causes been determined as yet?

 ANSWER: Council responded to a fire hydrant leak at 11.30am today at Rainbow Beach Road which affected 8 nearby properties. The leak was repaired and the water service was restored at 12.50pm.


Cooloola Bay Bulletin: 25 August – Jensen’s Family Memorial Seat

QUESTION: Do you have the details on the Jensen’s Family Memorial Seat unveiling please?

ANSWER: The unveiling will be taking place on Thursday 23rd September at 12.00pm at the mouth of crab creek opposite Lee Street on the Esplanade.


Gympie Times: 26 August – Gympie Regional Council Tourism

QUESTION: Destination Gympie, can I please get comments from the council, CEO Shane Grey and Mayor Glen Hartwig on what the status of this branch of the council is?  Does Destination Gympie still exist, and does Andrew Saunders still serve as the Tourism Manager?  Who is responsible for promoting the region on behalf of the council now? Is the region at risk of missing out given its decision to not renew Matt Golinski's contract?

ANSWER: “Andrew Saunders resigned from Council earlier this week. Council would like to thank Andrew for his work as well as his strong passion for the region. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours. Council is committed to continuing to promote the broader Gympie region both near and far. A recruitment process to ensure this work can continue will commence in the coming weeks.” – Shane Gray, CEO   “Council continues to explore new ways that it can promote the region and its primary producers. We have enjoyed working with Matt Golinski in previous years and have appreciated his strong advocacy for the region. There may be avenues to work together again in the future and we will certainly consider this within council’s broader strategic plans.” – Mayor Glen Hartwig


ABC News: 27 August – Illegal Dumping 


For the 2019/2020 and the 2020/2021 financial years, can you please advise:

• The number of fines handed out in Gympie region for illegal dumping.

• Common sites in the region where people illegally dump rubbish.


Please find below the information you were seeking in relation to illegal dumping in the Gympie region.

In the 2019/2020 financial year, council received 52 Littering and Illegal Dumping reports and 132 Litter and Cleansing reports

 In the 2020/2021 financial year, council received 27 Littering and Illegal Dumping reports and 150 Litter and Cleansing reports.

Council does not issue fines for illegal dumping. This is the responsibility of the Department of Environment and Science. Their contacts details are:

Litter and Illegal Dumping Compliance Operations

Enforcement Services

Environmental Services and Regulation

Department of Environment and Science


Phone: (07) 3330 5039

400 George Street Brisbane QLD 4000

GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001

The email we refer complaints to is [email protected] 

Repeater Station Road in Kanigan is the site that receives the most reports.