Due to a system outage at our Main Water Treatment Plant (to install a new Ergon transformer for the upgrades at the site); and the prolonged hot weather, Council is requesting all residents to urgently stop watering lawns for the next 3 days to enable the Cannonvale, Airlie Beach and Jubilee Pocket zones to replenish water in our Main Reservoir in Cannonvale.

This is a temporary issue as the new $13 million major water pipeline currently being installed (89% complete), will provide sustainable water for future population growth. But for now we urgently need all residents in Cannonvale, Airlie Beach and Jubilee Pocket to assist and play their role by not watering lawns/gardens for the next 3 days.

If the reservoir returns to a safe capacity earlier then Wednesday, we will let residents know immediately.

Thank you all for your assistance.