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West Tamar Council 25 Sep 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Gravelly Beach Foreshore Master Plan Community Consultation

The Gravelly Beach Project will link the shopping area with the foreshore, providing significant additional recreational space and amenity upgrades.

The Gravelly Beach Project has identified two precincts:

Precinct 1: Rose Bay Park Playground and boat ramp area

Replacement of existing public pontoon Upgrade public toilets to multi-use and upgrade waste water treatment system Installation of BBQ and shelter

Precinct 2: Gravelly Beach Village Centre

Installation of a new rock wall and reclaimed area opposite the village hub. This site will be landscaped and turfed Vehicle parking approx. 40 including provision for bus pull off area and disabled parking bays linked to footpath New footpath to tie into existing, adjacent to car park Beach restoration, clean and replenishment of beach with fine shingle Associated works, e.g.: extension of existing storm water system, drainage of new car park area

Community Consultation is currently underway until Friday the 11th of October. You can Download a copy of the Gravelly Beach Foreshore Master Plan here or view it at the Riverside, Windsor and Beaconsfield Offices, Exeter Works Depot, Tamar Visitor Centre and the Gravelly Beach General Store. Please provide feed back to: [email protected] or Michele Gibbins on 03 6323 9200.