Innisfail Boat Harbour is getting a new lease of life with rehabilitation of the mooring piles and walkways and fittings.

The Innisfail Boat Harbour Piles Rehabilitation is a Queensland Government Works for Queensland / Cassowary Coast joint funded project.

Townsville-based Rimlex Pty Ltd trading as Nabis Dredging has been contracted to carry out the $755,700 project, which is expected to be completed by the end of September. 

Cassowary Coast Mayor John Kremastos said the project aimed to extend the life of the existing mooring piles in the Innisfail Harbour by 25 years.

“Up to 20 piles will be rehabilitated using a grouted steel-sleeve design,” Cr Kremastos said.

“Council has consulted boat owners to establish a work program that accommodates their individual requirements and enables coordinated mooring berths to be available in pairs to minimise disruption.”

The new steel pile sleeves are stored at the Flying Fish Point boat yard and towed/floated to the site on rubber pontoons. The walkways and fittings are removed from the piles and the new sleeves fitted over the existing piles and grouted into position.

Cr Kremastos said the walkways were also being cleaned, repaired and hot-dip galvanised off site and reinstalled after the sleeves have been set in place.

Council had obtained an extension from the State Government after the June 30 anticipated completion date had to be pushed out after prolonged inclement weather and delays in getting a contractor on site and obtaining specific environmental permits and approvals.  

W4Q projects supports local governments outside of South-East Queensland to undertake job-creating maintenance and minor infrastructure works.