This new Smart Townsville Community Partnership will ensure our city is connected, competitive and resourceful. Above all, this will be a partnership for everyone, focusing on how technology can improve living and opportunity in Townsville.

The Smart Townsville Community Partnership

Council will work with the community, business, academia and government through the The Townsville Community Partnership. This partnership will use the principles of a Smart City consisting of the following:

Delivering an open and engaged CouncilImplementing a citizen centric CouncilFacilitating innovation, entrepreneurship and economic activationFocusing on placemaking and liveabilityDelivering best practice infrastructure and asset management.

The Smart City Strategy

The Smart City Strategy is a key initiative of the Townsville City Deal and is part of a broader policy commitment by Council to stimulate the local economy and enhance our lifestyle. Projects in the Smart City Strategy include:

Online dashboards for the community to monitor Council’s performanceAbility for citizens to transact more Council services conveniently onlineMaking Townsville a more attractive place to relocate, study, work and build a business by supporting high growth industriesEstablish Smart Precinct NQ to provide a centre to support businesses and entrepreneurs to prototype, test and scale innovative business models.

Another project being considered is introducing technology to detect and notify residents of water leaks.

For more information, read the Smart City Strategy.