With the conclusion of the 2020 GAFL season, East Arnhem Regional Council would like to sincerely thank the Department of the Attorney – General and Justice, which supplied $4000 in funding via the Community Benefit Fund (CBF) Minor Community Organisation Grants Program for additional team uniforms.

These funds allowed EARC to purchase new uniforms for Nguykal football team and Gapuwiyak Buffalos football team. Both teams performed well in this years GALF, with the Gapuwiyak Buffalos able to participate with the help of Youth Sport and Recreation Coordinators, who transported the team to Gove games throughout the season. Nguykal performed exceptionally well this year, ending the season as runners up in this year’s grand final with Gopu.

The CBF grant program provided vital support to both clubs, ensuring ongoing participation from Gapuwiyak and Nguykal teams with new uniforms that will continue to be used in the 2021 season and beyond.