Another First For Adelaide: Park Adelaide App Goes Live In The City
City Of Adelaide 27 Mar 2019

27 Mar, 2019

The City of Adelaide’s Park Adelaide app, designed to make it even easier for people to visit and park in the city, is now live.

Park Adelaide will empower visitors to the city by providing reliable and timely information to support customer decision making, focusing on offering clear choices and flexible payment options.

It provides accurate, real-time information about parking availability and time limits, allows users to pay for their parking, enables drivers to remotely top-up their payment to the maximum time limit, and will send them an alert when the time is about to expire.

Park Adelaide also provides the option of a one-off 15 minute ‘Extend Stay’ beyond the maximum time limit for a fee of $5.50.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said that she was pleased to see the app now available.

“The City of Adelaide is committed to providing a welcoming experience to all people coming to the city whether it be for work, shopping or entertainment. We know that parking can often be a frustration for drivers and we want people to be able to come into the city and enjoy their visit,” said Lord Mayor Verschoor.

“The Park Adelaide app provides parking convenience right in the palm of your hand. Using your mobile device, you can find out where parks are available, pay for your parking, get a reminder when your park is due to expire, and top up to the time limit if you haven’t paid for the full-time limit.

“We understand that ‘life happens’ and sometimes it’s difficult to get back to your vehicle on time. The extend stay option enables drivers a once-off 15-minute extension beyond the time limit to give them that little bit of extra time to get back to their car.

“The implementation of on-street smart parking technology is a first for South Australia, and extending a parking session beyond the maximum time limit is an Australian-first. Park Adelaide puts people first and positions Adelaide as a leading smart city.”

Customers will still have the option to pay via a ticket machine in all smart parking bays, however the top-up facility is not possible when paying via a machine. Customers must drive into an available bay before purchasing an electronic ticket via the ‘Park Adelaide’ app.

Approximately 2,800 sensors have been installed in the city, predominantly in ticketed parking bays.

Global company Smart Parking Limited, which has provided the smart parking technology, uses an innovative cloud-based platform. This technology has been adopted in 17 countries, with over 55,000 wireless sensors installed across the globe.

The ‘Park Adelaide’ app is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. To find out more, go to

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