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City Of Adelaide 5 Dec 2018

05 Dec, 2018

The South West Community Centre has been assured of its continuation at its current site until September 2020, with a lease now in place with its new owner.

The Centre has been operating in its current location since 2005. It provides a focus for resident connection, wellbeing and community building with its location on what is often identified by south west residents as their main street. Last quarter, 7,000 participants were involved in community-led activities enabled by the South West Community Centre.

The land on which the property sits was sold earlier this year. 

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said she was pleased that the City of Adelaide was able to provide some certainty for the Centre’s community.

“The South West Community Centre has been a thriving community hub for local neighbourhood activity for around thirteen years,” said the Lord Mayor.

“It provides a place of connection, friendship, support and belonging for many people in that area of the city and it is vital that it continues.

“This lease with the new owner until September 2020 will give us time to consider longer term opportunities for the provision of community facilities in the South West.

“I would like to thank all users of the Centre for their patience and understanding during this uncertain time.”

The South West Community Centre hosts a diverse program of events, activities and groups. These include exhibitions, language lessons, fitness and art classes, and spaces for hire.

South Ward Councillor Helen Donovan said that the continuation of the lease until September 2020 was a good outcome.

“I cycle past the South West Community Centre every day, and I see it being used from early in the morning until late at night, seven days a week. It provides a place of connection, which is vital for the health of our community,” said Councillor Donovan. 

“The vibrancy of the South West Community Centre is not about the building, it is shaped by the talented staff and the participation of an incredibly diverse range of community members. However, the lease extension provides the opportunity to ensure that if, and when, the community centre needs to be relocated, there is plenty of  time to find a great space and fit it out appropriately.

“I look forward to more community dinners, yoga classes, art exhibitions and many other activities in our South West Community Centre.”

Newly elected South Ward Councillor, Alexander Hyde, said this act in the Council's first meeting shows that the Council is committed to providing services for the South West community.

"I am thrilled one of the first acts of Council was to secure the South West Community Centre's future," Councillor Hyde said.

"While more work will need to be done to ensure our community hub has a home past 2020, it's clear this new Council is committed to providing for our residents and rate-payers in the city's South West.”

To find out more about the South West Community Centre, please click here.

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