So we’re back here again – and we’re all doing our bit to keep our community safe by staying at home. We’re back to zoom chats, home schooling and lots of walking (this time within our local government area or up to 10km from your home). 

Our small business owners, creatives, hospitality and construction workers amongst others have been the hardest hit. So while it feels like Groundhog Day, remember to make your mental health a priority and look after yourself. There are a number of ways to support your mental health during stay-at-home orders:

If you need crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. If a life is in danger, call 000.

Stay connected

Connection with our loved ones is so important for your wellbeing and theirs. Some people connect best over the phone, some via social media, others using apps and video calls. Whatever your preference, find out what works best for you and your loved ones and keep connecting with one another.

Keep moving

Exercise is an essential reason to leave home (keep within your local government area or up to 10km from your home). It’s a great way to release stress and improve your wellbeing. Pick something that works for you – whether it’s running, walking, kicking a ball around with a family member, anything to get you working up a sweat and outside in nature! Our Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Fitness Centre team have a free online pilates class to get you moving.

Remember to keep it to two people for exercise or your household unit and take a mask with you wherever you go!

Stick to a routine

Providing our bodies and minds with some routines and regularity can assist amidst all the current uncertainty. This includes sleeping and eating patterns, lunch breaks and time away from screens. Reflect on your current routines, both on what’s working and what things you can improve. You can set an alarm every hour to get up and move around a bit or stretch.

Switch off

If you are finding the news overwhelming, do your mind a favour and switch off. Some great ways to switch off include having a warm bath or shower, listening to music, or turning off the lights and lighting a candle.

If you would prefer to turn away from the news but worried you’ll miss updates, Council provides timely emails on COVID-19 restrictions and what they mean for our community – you can sign up here.

Reach out

If you’re struggling, reach out to family and friends, and remember to seek professional help that can support you during this time. There are many local services on the Northern Beaches which can support you – many with online and phone chat. You can find a list of them here.

It’s completely normal to have feelings of anxiety or sadness during this time, but if you need support please reach out.