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Huon Valley Council 21 Jul 2021

A triptych photography series from Rowiina Howard exploring the dualities of life in a Tasmanian bush setting.

Friday 30 July – Monday 30 August 2021

Huon Valley Hub, 10am to 12pm Monday to Friday 23 Main Street, Huonville

ARTBOX in the green space 25 Main Street, Huonville

The Red Thread of Fate brings together six triptychs exploring themes of intimacy and connectedness, separation and disdain through the ancient Japanese legend of the red thread that binds the fates of two people.

A scarlet ribbon lies on the ground in each frame, continuing the flow between images providing a visual metaphor for connectedness in separation.

Artist statement extracts:

Stylistically, the photographs fit the Tasmanian Gothic genre, tying into the stories told by Jennifer Kent in her 2019 feature film The Nightingale. They also draw influence from the poetic, sparse, dark, feminine styling and cinematography Kent showcases. These photographs aim to blend modern minimalism with a classical ethos.

In every life there is duality – anger and calm, love and hate, harmony and disharmony. Though it all is the flow of the soul. Through relationships with others we can view ourselves.

What stories can you construct from the photographs, drawing on your own experiences?

The red thread should bind the pinkie fingers of those who are fated to one another. – Japanese legend

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The Red Thread of Fate is supported by the Bendigo Bank Community Bank Branches. ARTBOX is managed by the Huon Valley Council’s Creative Huon Program.