Garage Sale Trail events are on this Sunday

Come Sunday, the lockdown is off and (COVID-safe) garage sales are on!

Prior to the initial cancellations of physical Garage Sale Trail events this weekend The Barossa Council area had over 196 sales registered - the second highest number in the country!

With an increase of over 100 registered sales from 2019 it is clear community are on board in with Council’s commitment to reducing waste going to landfill and to reuse and recycle.

“It’s impressive to see the commitment from community in the waste space, and we encourage people to continue with their commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle in COVID safe ways this weekend,” said Mayor Bim Lange

Sellers can re-register their physical sale for Sunday, register to host an online sale supported by a great range of ‘how to’ resources available via the Garage Sale Trail YouTube channel,  or learn more about how to farewell fast fashion through online tutorials including:

Fashion first aid with leading clothes-mending practitioner Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald and ‘Stain Slayer’ Christin Reitano Ultimate wardrobe declutter with the first ever Australian trained in the now world famous KonMari method, Sally Flower

To register a sale or shop the Trail go to