Double demerits
Lachlan Council News 21 Sep 2020
Double demerits 21 Sep 2020 11:10 AM -

With school holidays approaching, motorists are being reminded that double demerits will be in place over the October long weekend. Police will be targeting speed, seatbelts, illegal mobile phone use, and motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

Double demerit points will be in force for four days, commencing on Friday 2 October and ending on Monday 5 October (inclusive).

Parkes Highway Patrol Sergeant Martin Ling said there will be more police on the roads which means a greater chance of drivers being caught if they are doing the wrong thing.

“Police enforcement figures show that double demerit points do deter motorists from speeding and not wearing their seatbelt/helmet when roads are at their busiest,” Sergeant Ling said. “With alcohol, seatbelts and speeding being the biggest factors in serious injury and fatal crashes this year in the Central West, my staff and I will be targeting these offences.  We will take your licence for drink driving and the higher speeding offences, no question.”

Lachlan, Parkes and Forbes Shire councils’ Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer Melanie Suitor is encouraging all road users to stay safe this October long weekend.

“When you speed you not only risk the chance of being caught by Police, you also increase the risk of being involved in a crash,” she said. “Even small reductions in speed can make a large difference to impact speeds, stopping distance and the time you have to take evasive action to avoid a collision occurring.

“People may think that it is never going to happen to them – but the statistics tell a different story.  Driving is one of the most dangerous things that we do every day, but because you don't crash or have a near miss every time you get behind the wheel people do become blasé about the risks. “Remember to slow down, schedule plenty of breaks during your trip, limit distractions in the car, don’t drink and drive and ensure all your passengers are wearing their seatbelt,” Ms Suitor said.