Fight the Bite and avoid mosquito breeding at home
Shire of Ashburton 14 Feb 2020

Following recent rain, community members are advised to take precaution against potential mosquito breeding.

Shire of Ashburton Environmental Health team regularly undertake routine mosquito preventation and minimisation activities in all of our towns.

This includes completing detailed inspections of all standing water sites and applying larvicide to prevent mosquito larvae from emerging into adults

We are currently performing additional measures, in particular in areas of stagnant water, to eliminate potential breeding sites for mosquitoes following heavy rainfall received last week.

Residents and community members also have a responsibility to assist in preventing and reducing mosquito breeding around their homes, properties and businesses.

Common breeding sites include pot plant drip trays, ponds, pet bowls, old tyres and rubbish that may collect water.

Stop mosquitoes breeding around your home by following these simple steps:  

Empty out or discard containers and rubbish that may hold water. Clean out roof gutters to prevent water from pooling. Empty, clean and refill bird baths, stock troughs and pet water bowls at least once a week. Keep swimming pools properly maintained and free of debris. Empty wading pools at the end of each day. Stock garden ponds with fish to eat mosquito larvae. Cover rainwater and septic tank openings, wells or other large water containers with mosquito-proof mesh. Keep edges of dams and ponds clear of vegetation.

A reminder also that in Western Australia, mosquitoes can transmit Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, Kunjin virus and the potentially fatal Murray Valley encephalitis virus.

It is advised to cover up by wearing wear long, loose-fitting, light coloured clothing, covering as much of the body as you can.

When outdoors and mosquitoes are present, apply insect repellent containing picaridin or DEET (diethyltoluamide) evenly to exposed skin. If you spend long periods of time outdoors, you may need to reapply your repellent.

Many mosquitoes are at their biting best around dusk and dawn, but some will bite day and night.

For more information visit or contact the Shire’s Environmental Team on 08 9188 4444 or email [email protected]

For media information contact:

Alison Lennon - Manager Media and Communications, Shire of Ashburton

M: 0409 314 140 | E: al[email protected]

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