Please be aware, due to this year’s continuing adverse weather events, combined with dry conditions, Yorke Peninsula Council has prohibited all campfires on Council land. This includes all beaches, bush camping locations and has been enforced within Council Caravan Parks. It is also highly discouraged to have a campfire on private property.

Pursuant to Councils by–laws permission is needed from Council to undertake many activities on Council Land. Council land includes any land under our care and control, including foreshores. Permission is granted within the by-law to allow a fire in a portable bbq. This activity is also governed by the Fire and Emergency Services Act, which states: • A bbq must have a cleared space of 4 metres around and above the bbq. • An appropriate extinguisher must be at hand. • A person must be present at all times at the site until the fire is extinguished. • Please also note, a bbq cannot be used during a total fire ban.

For more information on what you can and cannot do in all other instances, please visit this website: What can I do/What can’t I do

Council Rangers will be visiting all camp sites over the Christmas/New Year period to ensure compliance with Local and State fire regulations. If anyone has any queries in relation the use of fires on council land or needs to report unlawful use of fire, please contact Phil, our Senior Compliance Officer on 0428847771.