08 Nov 2019 Print

A truck turnaround area will be constructed in Freyling Park to access the standpipe as part of efforts to maintain water supply to the Region’s southern towns.

Toowoomba Regional Council’s Water and Waste Committee Chair Cr Nancy Sommerfield said the water supplies of towns across the southern part of the Region were hit hard by the impacts of the ongoing drought.

“Bores in southern areas are under extreme stress and Council is having to truck water to five townships,” Cr Sommerfield said.

“To help maintain water supply to these affected towns, Council plans to construct a temporary turnaround area in Freyling Park, at the corner of Ruthven and Nelson streets, Toowoomba, so that Council’s water carriers can access the existing standpipe and transport water to southern areas.

“While other standpipes and reservoirs exist in the Region, the Freyling Park site has been identified as the most efficient location from which to transport water.”

Cr Sommerfield said the truck turnaround area would be constructed on the south-western corner of the park.

“Early works to construct a temporary heavy vehicle turnaround on site will take place in coming weeks due to the urgency of water supply situation. This will be followed by further works to seal the access early next year to mitigate any dust issues,” she said.

“Water carriers are expected to only cart water outside of peak traffic hours during daylight hours through the hotter months. The standpipe will be metered.

“Safety is Council’s top priority so access to the turnaround area in the park will be left in only via Nelson Street, with vehicles exiting right out only to travel back along Nelson Street to Ruthven Street to then head south.

“Council understands that having the turnaround area for heavy vehicles to access the standpipe in the park may cause some inconvenience to residents, but the southern townships are running out of water and need help now,” she said.

Council thanks residents for their patience and co-operation during these works and will seek to minimise disruptions where possible.

For more information about the project please call 131 872 or email [email protected]

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