News from Council Meeting - 9 September 2019
Hobart City Council 10 Sep 2019
News from Council Meeting - 9 September 2019

Published on 09 September 2019

Improved hospital access to be trialled

Access to the Royal Hobart Hospital will be improved under new traffic arrangements that are set to introduced on Campbell Street once construction of the K-Block is complete.

A patient drop-off area and short-term parking for patient pick-up will be established on Campbell Street and will be accessed via a slow-speed shared traffic zone that incorporates bicycles.

“Construction in this area is nearing completion and this provides an excellent opportunity to make some improvements that will assist hospital patients and their loved ones,” Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said.

“Safe patient drop-off and pick-up options are restricted at the hospital and this new traffic configuration will greatly improve the ability for people to access the hospital for treatment,” Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said.

The new arrangements will be trialled for 12 months, after which time a report will be prepared with a view to considering permanent traffic arrangements.

Busy active transport route gets upgrade

The City of Hobart will support a plan for traffic signals to be installed at the intersection of Molle and Collins streets to improve safety and amenity for pedestrians and cyclists.

Traffic studies have found that nearly 1900 motorists, pedestrians and cyclists travel through the intersection during peak hour. It is considered a key active travel link, providing a connection between Hobart Rivulet Park and the CBD. 

The new-look intersection is proposed to include wider kerbs to improve pedestrian safety. Use of different surface treatments to highlight the pedestrian crossings will be considered.

The Department of State Growth has provided in-principle support for the proposed upgrade.

Detailed design and implementation is expected to occur in the 2020-21 financial year.

Guidelines for social media use

The power of social media as a communication resource has been recognised in the adoption of best practice guidelines for Elected Members.

The guidelines identify the responsibilities of Elected Members in managing their respective social media pages and highlight the need for content to be respectful of others in the community.

Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said it was important that online communication be subjected to the same level of consideration as face-to-face interactions.

“We value the opportunity to connect directly with members of our community via social media,” she said. “But the power of the written word should never be underestimated and this is particularly the case in social media interactions.” 

Amendment protects residential amenity

Minimum requirements for sunlight, natural ventilation and noise protection for residential buildings in commercial and central business zones are proposed to be added to Hobart’s planning guidelines.

Proposed amendments to the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme would require developers to adhere to minimum standards around access to natural light that can’t be obscured by future development, adequate separation between buildings to allow for natural ventilation, open space provision and other elements that are considered important in creating healthy residential living.

The proposed amendments will be made available for public comment.

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