My Happy Place: An exhibition by Karen Windle and Dave Underwood
City of Burnside 5 Sep 2019
My Happy Place: An exhibition by Karen Windle and Dave Underwood

Published on 05 September 2019

Opening Event

Friday 6 September at 6 pm Opening Speakers: Karen Windle and Dave Underwood

The Windlewood Story

Karen began exhibiting in the 1980s, quickly establishing a reputation for her creative use of colour and expression, often on large canvases that can best be described as a celebration of life. Her work now resides in collections across the world, bringing people joy every day.

During the 1980s Karen and Dave began travelling widely and frequently, providing Karen with a rich stream of ideas for her work. Also inspired by the experiences, Dave documented the journeys through stories and images, and in 2000 launched a successful parallel career as a freelance travel photojournalist, publishing material around the globe in both print and digital media. The partnership became known as Windlewood, a union of Karen Windle and Dave Underwood, and the pair began jointly exhibiting using a theme-based approach.

Karen and Dave believe the concept of theme-based joint exhibitions brings a unique benefit to both them and the audience. The selection of a theme focuses the work but also provides a broader range of interpretations through the two mediums – paintings and photographs, as well as through both male and female perspectives. This helps ensure there is something for everyone and encourages all visitors to share their experiences and perspectives.

Artist Demonstration Saturday 21 September 2 pm - 4 pm Karen Windle - Acrylics

Exhibition concludes on Friday 27 September at 4 pm.

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