July 2019 – President Peter Clee
Wagait Shire Council 18 Aug 2019

Purpose of Report

To Inform Council and community of activities and to provide the community at large with information that is important and noteworthy.

What’s been happening……

First up I would like to thank acting CEO Russell Anderson for his hard work in cleaning up the mess left by the previous CEO. Russell has managed to get the strategic plan completed, the dog by-laws under way and the annual budget completed. He has the thanks of the council and the blessing of the community. Russell has been able to provide a good handover takeover on his departure, and he is not so far away if help is required.

Next I want to welcome Anna Malgorzewicz, our new CEO for the Wagait Shire Council. Anna was previously employed by the NTG, Litchfield Council and Darwin City Council. Anna was selected from a field of 75 applicants. Anna is stamping her mark on the operations of the Council, but has the important job of preparing the annual report for council.

Anna was able to meet many in the community on the very successful senior’s day out to Berry Springs.

Unfortunately, Anna is using her own vehicle at the moment as the council vehicle had to undergo some warranty work and is off the road for another week.

The Cloppenburg Park Irrigation project has not unexpectedly exceeded the original budget of $103,694 and it has been necessary to call on WSC reserves to finalise it. Unfortunately finalising the project was the lesser of two evils. Council could have stopped the project in its unfinished state, but still be liable for the $83,694 expense that was authorised by the previous CEO and not the council, or complete the project for an additional $11,334.

Shortfall of funds have been transferred from council reserves. This will require a redrafting of the Annual Budget which will be finalised and tabled later this year.

Where have I been ….

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