Residents within the Allans Creek Flood Study area are encouraged to drop-in to upcoming information sessions in Figtree and Berkeley where they’ll be able to meet and talk to Council’s floodplain engineers.

Council’s engineers are currently updating the Flood Study for the catchment which includes the suburbs of Mount Keira, West Wollongong, Figtree, Mount Kembla, Unanderra, Farmborough Heights and Berkeley.

Once complete the study will replace the earlier study completed in 2006 and provide an updated understanding of the ways flooding happens in this catchment.

“Anyone who remembers the devastating 1998 flood knows that it does flood in the Allans Creek catchment,’’ said Wollongong Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM.

“Over the past 20 years we’ve done a lot of work in this catchment to improve flood behaviour. However, flood knowledge is an evolving science and as new technologies and information comes to light it’s important we’re constantly reviewing our key documents that guide what we do in terms of storm water management.

“These community drop-in sessions provide residents within this catchment the opportunity to meet and talk directly with Council’s knowledgeable floodplain experts.’’

Council uses computer flood models to estimate where it might flood, and by how much. The current flood study will benefit from improved and more detailed modelling techniques. It covers a wider area to capture additional flood-prone areas and waterways, includes recent data from land and waterway surveying, takes into account our updated Blockage Policy and considers the impact of the network of drainage pits and pipes over a wider area.

“Nature is be unpredictable and you can never pinpoint where, or when, rainfall will be significant enough to cause flooding,’’ Cr Bradbery said.

“But, drawing on our knowledge, feedback from our community, and new technologies that map creeks and waterways, for example, we can make educated and informed decisions as to where we might develop flood mitigation measures. And that’s what this flood study is all about.’’

Once the study has been completed and adopted by Council, we will then review the Floodplain Risk Management Study to look at what the risks or damage from floods might be and then what we may do to reduce those risks. From this, we’ll review the Floodplain Risk Management Plan that’ll provide a prioritised list of measures for the catchment.

“This is no overnight project and it’s one that we repeat every 5-10 years so that we’re working with the most recent data and information as things change. It’s vital we get this right,’’ Cr Bradbery said.

“In addition, with climate change and extreme weather events we need to be constantly vigilant. Updating our Flood Studies is one way we are constantly monitoring possible outcomes for the protection of our residents and their property and that’s why we need your input.’’

People who are interested in finding out more about the Allans Creek Flood Study can view information and provide feedback on Council’s website. Documents and feedback forms are also available through our libraries. The community drop-in sessions are on Wednesday 7 August between 4-5.30pm at Figtree Community Centre, 11 Princes Highway, Figtree and on Saturday 10 August between 10.30am-12 noon at Berkeley Community Centre in Winnima Way, Berkeley.

For more information please visit Council’s website at or call Customer Service on (02) 4227 7111.

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