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Wagait Shire Council 12 Jun 2019

Purpose of Report

To Inform Council and community of activities and to provide the community at large with information that is important and noteworthy.

What’s been happening……

The disposal of surplus assets was well received by the public. There was a large number of tenders received and all items went to a good home. Council are likely to hold another such auction later this year once a full audit of assets is completed.

The CEO and I have been discussing the irrigation project at Cloppenberg park. We need to proceed with the project despite the lack of a water extraction licence. We are looking at ways to minimise water usage by sectioning areas and reviewing the type of water dispersal units.

The annual Plan and Budget will be on the council web site this month. This will provide the community with an opportunity to see the vision that council has for the next few years.

It has been decided not to increase rates this next financial year. To maintain a balanced budget there will be little by way of capital works completed during that period. Unfortunately, council will also be penalised through lack of grant approvals, by the Grants Commission and the NTG for leaving rates unchanged. The 5 year budget indicates that rates increases of CPI will keep the budget in balance, but without any infrastructure improvements as we move forward.

I wish to again congratulate the acting CEO for his excellent work in bringing the council administration back up to date. The previous CEO failed start any of the important work on Annual Budgets, the 5-year Strategic Plan nor the 5-year financial outlook. The council administration was in an extremely poor state when Mr Anderson took over.

The council’s accounting advisor has been working on financial reporting. The reports being produced are much more informative and I have trust in the reports that are being issued. I have some queries in relation to processing accrual of rates, but these items are not material in nature.

The CEO’s residence has had a major work over and will be ready for a new CEO once one is appointed.

There have been 70 applications for the position of CEO. These applications are being shortlisted and interviews are likely to be conducted in the next week or two.

Where have I been ….

21st May                                 Audit Committee 21st May                                 Ordinary Council Meeting 29th May                                ABC Radio – Grass Roots 4th June                                  Weekly meeting with CEO 11th June                                Weekly meeting with CEO 13th June                                TOPROC – Wagait Beach 18th June                                Weekly Meeting with CEO 18th June                                Ordinary Council meeting

Where I am going ….

29th June                                Mandorah Ukulele Folk Festival 30th June                                Mandorah Ukulele Folk Festival 1st July                                    Territory Day Celebrations – Cloppenberg Park