ALAC’s eyes on the Waterwise prize
City of Albany 11 Jun 2019

11 June 2019

Waterless urinals, pool blankets and time conscious shower heads are just some of the reasons Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre is being recognised as a Waterwise Aquatic Centre by the Water Corporation and the Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics for 2019.

The City of Albany will become one of 34 WA councils with a Waterwise Aquatic Centre after spending the past 12 months auditing ALAC’s water use and implementing water saving initiatives throughout the facility.

ALAC’s significant commitment to decreasing water use has resulted in the centre’s annual water consumption decreasing by 6,108 kL and the centre’s daily water use dropping by 16.7kL. Reducing overall water consumption joins other ALAC sustainability initiatives such as transitioning to certified compostable bin liners and using biofuels to heat the ALAC swimming pool.

City of Albany Manager Recreation Services Samantha Stevens said ALAC staff were determined to save as much water as possible and doing their bit to lead the City of Albany to a sustainable future.

“Water conservation is a responsibility that falls on every community in our State, which is why it is important that as a major facility in the City of Albany, ALAC leads the way with new initiatives, innovative ideas and creative solutions to preserve this precious resource and the environment,” Mrs Stevens said.

By becoming a Waterwise Aquatic Centre, ALAC will gain a better understanding of its water use, assistance with leak detection, ongoing training and exposure to new initiatives and trends in water conservation.

ALAC will be formally recognised as a Waterwise Aquatic Centre at the 2019 Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics Annual Conference in August.