The leased areas of District Park are overdue for an upgrade District Park is a 62 hectare site that encompasses the leased areas of North Manly Bowling Club, Warringah Recreation Centre and Warringah Golf Club. The Plan of Management identifies an opportunity to create something special for the community in consolidating the leases while keeping the land in public ownership.

Council is progressing the vision for District Park as a fantastic new community recreation and sporting space with upgraded multi-sport facilities. This area is an important precinct for the community.

Council has resolved to negotiate with the lead tenderer Following acknowledgement of the significant community engagement on this project over a number of years, Council voted at a meeting on 4th September to decline to accept all tenders and negotiate with the top ranked tenderer, Arena REIT as the closest to fulfilling Council’s service expectations.

This gives an opportunity for Arena to enter discussions with Warringah Club. There may be a way for Arena and Warringah Golf Course to work together but they have not been able to discuss options being both parties to a competing tender process. Council’s decision enables those conversations to occur.

Our commitment to public ownership of the land has never wavered To be absolutely clear - the tender process facilitates a lease. At no time have we considered privatising, selling off or putting residential development on the site and we have been open and transparent about this from the beginning. This public land remains in public ownership and will be run for the community benefit.

Residential development is not part of the tender and not permitted by Council on this site The winning tender has to meet Council’s requirements for a much-needed major upgrade to the site as per the request for tender and this does not include any residential development.

Our commitment to 18-hole golf remains Council has committed to include an 18-hole golf course at the site and this was reaffirmed at the meeting on 4th September.

Council’s responsibility is to negotiate for the best value and outcome We understand that emotions run high – people are passionate about their sports and their clubs. Our job is to ensure we get the best value and outcome for our ratepayers.

In the meantime, Council has offered the bowling club temporary support The North Manly Bowling Club was in partnership with Manly Warringah Leagues Club. Despite Council offering a 12-month extension on their lease to August 2019, the Leagues Club made a commercial decision to terminate the partnership and not extend the lease.

As a result, Council has stepped in and offered North Manly Bowling Club support to keep bowling by providing in-kind assistance until the end of October to maintain two bowling greens and allow members access to the amenities in the club building.

The outcome of the decision on 4th Sept will also facilitate a discussion between the Golf Club and the Bowling Club to see if a solution can be found to keep the Bowling Club open for another 12 months.

This gives members an opportunity to keep meeting and doing the sport they love and gives the Club more time to consider options for the longer term. There has been extensive consultation with community and stakeholders on the future of District Park over many years

You can see all the background, consultation documents and Council resolutions on District Park and the Plan of Management dating back many years here. 

The most recent Council resolution relating to District Park is:


A. Council note, as informed by the 2016 Community Engagement Report, the following principles in relation to the ‘District Park’ Tender:

a) the expressed desire of the community for a combined/ ”country club” type facility to encourage community and social interaction.

b) experience in sport and community facility management.

c) sound financial capacity, structure and management

d) a long-term commitment.

e) public and affordable access to the sporting and community facilities

f) multiple use by a range of user groups.

g) the needs of existing sporting groups, while avoiding the potential displacement of current users and loss of identity of individual sporting groups

h) maintenance of existing sporting facilities and buildings (to improve their current condition).

B. Council reconfirm its strong support for the District Park remaining in public ownership with an 18 hole golf course whilst also enhancing the site with a multi-sports facility for the whole community that is professionally run and enjoyed by a range of sports users.

C. Council facilitate meeting between the Warringah golf club and North Manly bowling club with a view to the Golf Club managing the Bowling Club facility and at least two greens under a one year lease up to 1 September 2019.

D. Council, in accordance with clause 178(1)(b) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, declines to accept any of the tenders received for RFT 2017/208 - New Sport and Community Facility and Long Term Lease of Existing Facilities (including Golf Course) at District Park, North Manly.

E. In accordance with clause 178(4)(a) of the Regulation, Council’s reasons for declining to invite fresh tenders or applications are that this would not result in a significantly different outcome and would not result in an improved result for Council.

F. Council, in accordance with clause 178(3)(e) of the Regulation, enter into negotiations with the top ranked tenderer, Arena REIT Management Limited (ABN 28 600 069 761) with a view to entering into a lease agreement in relation to the subject matter of the tender.

G. In accordance with clause 178(4)(b) of the Regulation, Council’s reasons for determining to enter into negotiations with the persons referred to at C are:

a) the tender of Arena REIT Management Limited is the closest to fulfilling Council’s service expectations, with a significant margin between that and the second ranked tender.

b) the evaluation identified some areas of further clarification and negotiation, which will not, in Council’s opinion, be resolved by further tender clarifications.

H. Council applies for consent from the Minister for Local Government, for the purpose of Section 47 of the Local Government Act 1993, to lease to Arena REIT Management Limited the Community Land area known as Lot 1, 3, 5 and 7 DP 829465 within District Park for a term of 30 years, noting that Council may elect not to proceed with the lease extensions over Lot 1 DP 829465 in 2022, 2027, 2032, 2037, 2042, 2047.

I. Council authorises the Chief Executive Officer to make the application to the Minister for Local Government.

J. Council authorises the Chief Executive Officer to carry out all things necessary to give effect to this resolution, including the execution of any required documentation under power of attorney.

K. Council management arrange a workshop for the governing body of the Northern Beaches Council, to establish the Council’s strategic intent with any future conversion or lease of public land to private use. This workshop to include the operational, economic, social and environmental impacts on affected communities and stakeholders of public land being considered by conversion or lease. This workshop is to be conducted before 30 November 2018.