Atitjere ESO helping community and learning new skills.

Shannon White, Atitjere community member and our Essential Services Officer has recently joined the Harts Range unit of the Northern Territory Emergency Services (NTES).  Shannon expressed an interest in volunteering for the unit back in July when the new Police Sergeant, Michael Wyatt, decided to restart the dormant unit.

Shannon sought approval from CDRC to undertake this activity and once approved commenced training with NTES.  The training includes First Aid, Basic Rescue, Chainsaw operation, Search and Rescue and Road Crash Rescue plus more.  This training requires giving up personal time over weekends in order to develop the skills needed to provide such a valuable service to the local community.

The weekend of October 6th and 7th was the units Road Crash Rescue training weekend.  Saturday was spent in the classroom and Sunday was spent “on the tools” learning a variety of new practical skills.  This saw the unit trained in the use of hydraulic spreaders, cutters and rams as well as learning a variety of ways to stabilise and gain access into a crashed vehicle.  Shannon spent his weekend working with council staff, clinic members and the local police and NTES trainers.  

The weekend was deemed a success with the Harts Range NTES unit being accredited in Road Crash Rescue and positive feedback provided by the trainers Keith Lewis and Gerard Lessels.