Public Notice - Notice of Sale of Land by Auction for Overdue Rates
Balonne Shire Council 15 Mar 2019
Notice of Sale of Land by Auction for Overdue Rates

Local Government Regulation 2012 (Section 142)

The Balonne Shire Council hereby gives notice that unless all overdue rates and charges of sale owing in relation to the following property are paid as soon as possible, the said property will be sold by public auction on 20 March 2019 at 10am at the Balonne Shire Council Office situated at 118 Victoria Street, St George Qld 4487.

Full description of property included in this notice:

Property Address: 13 Waterson Street, Dirranbandi Qld 4486

Property Description: Lot 49 on Crown Plan D30631, Title Reference 50591761

Property Address: 10-12 William Street, Hebel Qld 4486

Property Description: Lot 501-502 on Crown Plan H3101, Title Reference 15466033 & 15688170

Property Address: 50 Barwon Street, Mungindi Qld 2406

Property Description: Lot 14 on Crown Plan M23911, Title Reference 50373012

Property Address: 47 Bullamon Street, Thallon Qld 4497

Property Description: Lot 47 on Crown Plan T6063, Title Reference 17164095

M Magin

Chief Executive Officer

Balonne Shire Council