Tottenham Memorial Park Footpath Works
Lachlan Council News 15 Mar 2019
Tottenham Memorial Park Footpath Works 15 Mar 2019 9:29 AM -

Footpath improvement works in the Tottenham Memorial Park will be commencing next week. These footpaths will improve access to the play equipment, link the memorial garden to the toilets and improve safety and accessibility around the toilets.

To allow for the safe removal of the old footpath and installation of the new, the toilets and area around the toilets and section near the play equipment will be closed to the public from Tuesday 19 March. The play equipment will remain open. This work should be completed within 5 working days. Signs will be installed to advice residents and visitors of the closure and directions to the nearest public toilets.

For further information or clarification, please contact Council’s Manager Recreation, Mr Adrian Milne, during office hours on (02) 6895 1900.

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