News: ​ Ten Top Tips when connecting to the nbn™ network

About the nbn™ network and the tips to get connected!

Posted: Tuesday, 29 May 2018

For absolutely everything you need to know about the nbn™ network – go to the nbn™ website here.  Type your address into the “Check your Address” box to find out everything you need to know about getting connected at your address. If you get a letter addressed “To the Householder” from nbn – open it! It contains important information including the fixed-line disconnection date for your address (unless you live in a Sky Muster satellite rollout area where the existing fixed-line network is not being disconnected). nbn comes with a choice of superfast speeds. When selecting your plan from your preferred Retail Service Provider, keep in mind that 25Mbps download speed is considered where “fast” broadband begins. Retail plans based on nbn’s wholesale 12/1 speed tier are likely to be comparable with your current ADSL service. Don’t put your modem anywhere near large metal objects – like a fridge – because it will slow your wifi signal. Thick walls and steel frames in your house will cause interference. You may need to get a wifi extender device. If you have several phone wall outlets in your home (in addition to the one being used by your modem) – make sure you either get a qualified telco tech to re-wire them for nbn, or disconnect them altogether because they can interfere with broadband speeds in your home. If you are watching Netflix on a very large smart TV, it will use much more data than if you watch Netflix on your small hand-held device. Most retailers offer a phone-only service. Check to see if your phone calls over the internet are free and untimed if you’re calling another landline. If you do order a phone-only service – some retailers will professionally install the new system in your home free of charge. Ask if they provide that free service and then request it! If you have a medical alarm:  some medical alarms, auto-diallers and emergency call buttons may not be compatible with the nbn™ network. That’s why it’s important you register it with nbn here so that nbn can identify homes where support may be needed to help minimise a break in service.  You can also register by calling 1800 227 300, 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday. Make sure you do this well before your existing landline phone network is disconnected. Devices connected over the nbn™ network will not work in a power blackout  so for emergencies, make sure you have another means of contacting the outside world such as a charged mobile phone – see the web page here for more details.