Expressions of Interest – Lease of Ranelagh Sale Yards – Closing Friday 4 May 2018
Huon Valley Council 23 Apr 2018

The Huon Valley Council is seeking Expressions of Interest for a lease of the sale yards at the Ranelagh Showgrounds.

The space available for lease is owned by the Huon Valley Council and is known as the Ranelagh Sale Yards and is located on the Showgrounds at Charlotte Street, Ranelagh (being part of Council land comprised and more particularly described in Folio of the Register Volume 123108 Folio 4) as specified in Attachment A – the Premises.

The Sale Yards provide an important facility to the owners of livestock and other items within the Huon Valley for sale and auction and provide opportunities for the community coming together.

The lease term will commence no earlier than 1 July 2018 and will acknowledge use of the Premises for the purposes of the Huon Show each year.

Expression of Interest documentation is available on the Tenderlink website (external)  PDF Version available for download