News: Tonnes of rubbish cleared

More than 40 tonnes of illegally dumped waste has been removed from around Tennant Creek.

Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Mayor Steve Edgington said Barkly Regional Council is going hard on illegal rubbish dumping with 59 truckloads of waste taken to the Tennant Creek dump since Council launched its ‘Dob in a Dumper’ campaign in mid-January.

The huge clear up includes the removal of industrial, commercial and household debris at various sites around town including Kaczinsky Road (15.4 tonne), Battery Hill (0.6 tonne), behind the Power Station at the end of Standley Street (23 tonne), Kargaru camp (2.9 tonne) and Drive in camp (2 tonne).

“Barkly Work Camp, Julalikari and the NT Fire and Rescue guys have done an incredible job and Council is grateful for all their hard work,” said Mayor Edgington.

“There is still a long way to go though, to get this unsightly mess around the community cleaned up, and we encourage anyone to send Council information on individuals or companies who illegally dump rubbish so we can take appropriate action.”

Council joined forces with the NT Fire and Rescue Services, Barkly Work Camp, Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation, the NT Police, the NTG’s Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year in a bid to clear up the growing piles of rubbish strewn across public land and to prevent people from dumping more illegal waste.

Out of these discussions the ‘Dob in a Dumper’ campaign was born with Council also working closely with Barkly Work Camp, Julalikari and the NT Fire and Rescue Services to remove the rubbish once reported.

Council provides a variety of ways that residents can dispose of unwanted materials – through scheduled kerbside clean-ups, and waste disposal facilities at the landfill.

“Illegal dumping of rubbish is simply not acceptable,” said the Mayor. “The Tennant Creek Dump is open seven days a week, 8am – 5pm from Monday to Saturday and from 8am – 12noon on Sundays, with green waste free for householders and commercial operators.”

Mayor Edgington said Council is serious about clamping down on illegal dumping. “It is a crime. Residents can be fined for illegal rubbish dumping and commercial operators can face court and significant fines for dumping commercial waste.

“So help prevent illegal dumping in your area and dob in a dumper,” he said.  “Protect your country and keep it clean and healthy for the generations to come.”

Dob in a Dumper If you see an illegal dump site or see someone dumping rubbish, report it to Barkly Regional Council who will be able to investigate the matter further. Call 8962 0000 or email [email protected] to lodge your complaint. The kind of information Barkly Regional Council will need to know includes:

• Street location of illegal dumping

• Types of dumped materials, whether you believe it constitutes a hazard

• Date and time of dumping

• Name and address of person(s) responsible

• Associated vehicle, registration number(s)

• Photographs of the incident(s) may assist the prosecution