Minister Scullion came to talk with councillors about their concerns for the community following a marked increase in alcohol consumption, violence, criminal activity and the alleged rape of a toddler in Tennant Creek. He shared some of his ideas of what could be done differently in the community to stem the growing tide of anti-social behaviour. Minister Scullion, who is also a Senator for the Northern Territory, told elected members that the Federal Government is mapping what programs are being delivered in town, what they are expected to deliver and how much funding is attached. He said it is important for both the Federal and NT governments to compile this information to highlight gaps and any duplication of services to see where funding can be used for a better purpose. Minister Scullion also floated the idea of whether the sale of alcohol should be stopped altogether in Tennant Creek. Mayor Steve Edgington said whether that’s a feasible or practical solution is up for community consultation between Aboriginal elders and local people. On Tuesday this week the Director-General of Licensing Cindy Bravos announced further alcohol restrictions in Tennant Creek for a seven-day period before she assesses the effectiveness of the measures. “This is commendable but community consultation between Aboriginal elders and residents needs to start today and not in a week’s time,” said the Mayor. “One constant in all of this is that the sharp increase in crime, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour is alcohol related. “In the last 12 months domestic violence has risen by 32.7% and alcohol related assault is up by 21.9%. The statistics show that there is a problem and solutions need to be found. “Our Council is committed to working with Aboriginal elders, residents and all levels of government to find solutions to issues affecting Tennant Creek.” A public forum, hosted by the Council, will be held on Thursday, 8 March in the Civic Hall at 5.30pm. “Everyone in the town is invited to come along to help Council in its commitment to come up with effective ways of tacking the issues plaguing the community head on,” the Mayor said.